Cross-chain synthetic asset generation and issuance protocol
for crypto, NFT, and a lot more.
Pitch Deck
Core Features
Diversified Asset issuance
including Token and NFT
Multi-market Synthetic
Asset support
Cross-chain Compatibility
and AMM Liquidation
NFT Issuance
NFT can be issuanced through smart contract system and minted into pNFT Tokens, thus providing more liquidity for NFT transactions. At the same time, such NFTs can be traded on NFT exchanges to provide anchor price for the product.
Synthetic Assets
Phantom support multi-market synthetic assets expands from crypto to traditional markets such as gold, stocks, etc., Additionally, it can also support pNFTs linked to real-world commodities.
Commodity pNFT
pNFT is an type of synthetic asset created exclusively by Phantom. pNFTs are anchored in the value of real world assets. pNFTs can be further used to mint liquid, tradable pNFT tokens. Apart from trading, pNFT tokens can also reverse back to pNFT to exchange for the corresponding actual asset when they collected and burned altogether.
E-Sport and Game
Phantom is working with multiple influencers in the E-Sports market, and is exploring in-depth collaborations to combine blockchain and E-Sports. Examples of such include E-Sport Snapshot NFT and E-Sport Competition Prediction products.
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